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released September 10th, on
World Suicide Prevention Day 2021

The coming of Emma Paunil's debut vocal release, Soul Flame, marks the start of a worldwide movement. Releasing on World Suicide Prevention Day 2021, the song and music video's message reminds us that even in our darkest hour, there exists hope and purpose to re-ignite our “Soul Flame.”

In addition to sharing empowering energy through her musical work, Emma has made it a mission to demystify and de-stigmatize the plethora of available therapy techniques available for all those who need help, alongside the creation and release of Soul Flame.



“With Soul Flame, singer/songwriter Emma Paunil has created a song from the heart like it came from the depths of her soul. The song has a classical, new age sound while its darker sound and melody is balanced out by sweet soft tones from Emma's vocals. Soul Flame showcases a song that’s raw, honest, powerful and reflective.” – Kristina Mondo, RadioAirplay


“The music video is wonderfully evocative! Layered alongside the powerful lyrics, it causes listeners and viewers to want to experience the lesson more than once.”

– Jackie Nelson, MFA Fine Arts Analytic 

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Read about the movement behind Soul Flame


Soul Flame, the single, is more than just a vocal release – it is a movement.


The unreleased music video features a story-teller (the artist), painting the experience of a young girl who experienced loss, bullying, and other emotional trauma. In the end, after we witness the harmful emotional effects of burying emotions as the young girl becomes a teen, we learn that even in our darkest hour, there exists hope and purpose to re-ignite our “Soul Flame.” 

In addition to the  moving message of the music video that carries the listeners through the emotional process of healing, all cast and crew involved in the project were given a chance to speak out about their personal experiences with suicide. These  interviews are to be run alongside the project, prior to the actual release of the song. 


While it is important for all of us to find this igniting purpose, sometimes reaching out for help is a critical step for our well-being. It can me daunting for some to think of seeking therapy for a few pertinent reasons: 

1) Fear of judgement by our family and friends due to societal pressures and associated stigma.

2) Fear of the unknown, and not fully understanding the plethora of therapy options available.

3) Fear of financial burden, and not feeling that paying for therapy can be balanced with other vital expenses.

Emma plans to address and tend to all three of these concerns in order to encourage more people to seek help. In the process of creating this release, she has been researching therapy techniques, interviewing therapists, and even has been seeking therapy herself. She plans to share this information to her audience so that the thought of seeking therapy becomes de-stigmatized and demystified. 

Emma additionally plans to start a funding campaign to help alleviate the fear of financial burden for those wishing to seek therapy, but feeling they cannot due to financial concerns.



Emma Paunil is a pianist and musician of over 20 years. Her passion is emotional intelligence and healing, and integrates her various art forms – including her self-help and children’s book authorship, her acting, directing, and other creative outlets –  in order to inspire this emotional understanding.



Please contact for interviews, and further info.

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